Runner chokes mountain lion to death in self-defense

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Legend has it that demigod Hercules performed the first of his 12 labors by squeezing the neck of the powerful Nemean lion. Sounds pretty fantastic indeed, but a similar episode seems to have taken place in real life in Colorado.

A man running on a trail at Horsetooth was attacked by a mountain lion, it was reported earlier this month. This brought on the athlete’s survival instincts and he was able to kill the lion with, well, a lion killer.

Following the attack, the man was hospitalized in no risk of dying, but with bad injuries to his arm and face. The animal was a young puma, weighing less than the 100kg that adults can reach. Its young age may have been decisive in the outcome, as it would make it less of an experienced hunter. It really is a wild world out there, so it’s better to stay prepared. 

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