Marines special training

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Recently, a numbers of professors and instructors from Gracie Barra got together to teach the Marines at Camp Pendleton, in Oceanside, California a Special BJJ Class modified specifically for MMA. When Gracie Barra got there, they were greeted by over 112 Marines, waiting to take the class!

Marines at Camp Pendleton / Photos: Gracie Barra archives

Gracie Barra has been involved with Marines for some time, teaching them as students in Gracie Barra schools all around the country, but also going out to local Marines bases, to assist them in their Jiu-Jitsu training. The Camp Pendelton Marines, specifically, have responded well to the training they have received and regularly invite Gracie Barra back to their base for further instruction.

Most recently, Gracie Barra was invited by a San Clemente student, Staff Sergeant Marie, to go to Camp Pendleton to help improve their fighting techniques. “We are honored to be invited to Camp Pendelton to assist the Marines in their Jiu-Jitsu training,” Professor Marcelo Lacerda says, “They fight for our country and are always ready and prepared to go to war when they are called to do so, so it is an honor for us to help them train and perfect their ground combat skills in preparation for that time.”

Professor Marcelo Lacerda lecturing Marines on Jiu-Jitsu technique

Gracie Barra Professors Marcelo Lacerda, Ricardo Testai, Ricardo Moraes, Bruno Antunes, Bruno Rocha, Aldo Januario, and Rodrigo de Freitas as well as Coaches Kanai Brown and Elias Ramirez III were all on hand to assist with the class.

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