Jiu-Jitsu forges ahead battling school violence

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Marcos Cerqueira. Photo: publicity.

The problem of bullying afflicting the United States’ schools has been reported here on GRACIEMAG.com, since Jiu-Jitsu has been seen to be a tool to combat these school bullies.

Ryron and Rener Gracie have voiced their thoughts on the subject widely, including in a report featured on CNN, one of the biggest news broadcasting services in the world (rewatch here). Another effort being made on the matter is by Brazil 021 black belt Marcos Cerqueira, in Texas. The teacher was another to feature on a news report in the USA.

“They don’t learn how to fight, they learn how to protect themselves. When you do that, you have more self-confidence. You have more respect for yourself, and others notice,” he comments.

Check out the video of Marcos and his work with children below:

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