JD Shelley’s black belt in action against Macaco

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GMA member JD Shelley, leader of North Dallas MMA, is proud of one of his pupils.

Shelley, who recently became two times World No-Gi champion, tells us in his Facebook page that his first black belt Hector Munoz prooved to have all the qualities of a great champion.

“Munoz was asked at the last minute to be in a No-Gi superfight against Brazilian Jorge Patino “Macaco” at the Grapplers World War event. He was prepared to fight in his category but did not back down and faced a 200+lb Macaco weighting only 167lb.”

Macaco ended up winning the fight, but Munoz came out of the bout also victorious for his sportmanship and warrior spirit.

Congrats to Shelley and Munoz for representing the true spirit of BJJ.

For more info, go to ndbjj.com

Here is the video of the fight:

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