If you don’t tap you get hurt

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This Friday Jonatas Novaes faced Sherron “Rob Roy” Legget in the main event at Combat USA – Illinois vs. Wisconsin.

There was a warlike atmosphere in Green Bay, Wisconsin, and the battle wounds were crippling.

“My fight was supposed to be the co-main event, but when Louis Taylor had to pull out the fight was promoted to main event, and it was for the promotional title,” the Brasa black belt explained.

“I was fighting in my opponent’s hometown, I was booed on entering, and I was already nervous because some people close to him said a lot of things about me without even knowing me. And it was a really important fight for my career; I think all these different factors came together in my mind and unfortunately he ended up in a bad state. It’s not like me to hurt my opponent but the fight surely shut up the guys who were talking smack before the fight.

“But, all that aside, Rob Roy is a great athlete who was unbeaten for a long time, but someone had to win and that someone was me. This was a better win than my last one, against Ryan Thomas, and I’m certain it was God that gave me this chance; He has a plan for my life and MMA career,” concluded Novaes, who is hoping to soon get a shot at the UFC.

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  1. Derek at 10:00 pm

    Very surprised that you highlighted this video — it is disgusting. I know it happens in the sport – and true enough, “If you don’t tap you get hurt”, but to showcase this devastating injury lacks the class you normally display. It was difficult to watch this athlete so seriously injured. I can’t imagine the impact it might have on your younger audience. Sensationalizing it also, in a way, validates (especially to the novice) that it is acceptable & even newsworthy to break someone’s arm if they don’t tap.


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