Herbert Burns Gets Tapout in Sweden, on Tear for Abu Dhabi WPJJC Tryouts

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Herbert Burns (grey sleeves) with his buddies in Sweden, where he even helped train UFC light heavyweight Alexander Gusfasson (Personal archive photo)

One of the most hotly disputed qualifiers for the April main event in Abu Dhabi, the Rio de Janeiro, Brazil leg of the WPJJC Trials will be held Jan. 19 and 20 at Caio Martins Gymnasium in the city of Niterói, Rio de Janeiro State.

The tournament is sure to go off, as world champions Rodolfo Vieira and Gabi Garcia are set to hit the mats there.

Another big name confirmed for combat is Herbert Burns, brother to Gilbert “Durinho”, who is traveling Europe and will return home raring to win an all-expenses-paid trip to the United Arab Emirates.

What do you expect at the Trials in Niterói?

I expect the best. I always go in it to win it, and this time will be no different. With six-minute matches the action becomes more dynamic, much more explosive, but that’s how I fight. Anyone who wants to win has to stay ahead on the scoreboard the whole time.

How’s your training been going, with this tour of Europe and all?

I arrive in Brazil on the 10th because I’ve got a series of seminars to teach in Sweden. Truth is, here I’ve been training more MMA and No-Gi Jiu-Jitsu, but as soon as I return I’m going to tune up my gi game with my teacher Casquinha at Top Brother and Oriente academies in Niteroi. Here in Sweden I managed to keep in shape, and I even competed at and won a grappling tournament. Check out one of the matches.

You’re coming off a blemishless campaign at the 2012 Brazilian National No-Gi Championship. Do you consider yourself to be a firm favorite to win at the Trials?

I never enter a competition for competing’s sake; if I don’t think I have what it takes to win I don’t even sign up. I feel this business of there being favorites only exists before the match begins. I’m going to give it my all and gun for my objective, which is to make it to top spot on the podium. I always work on everything and try to be prepared for any situation I might encounter, so my game is always free-flowing and attacking, with lots of movement. I’m going to fight like I always do—going for the finish, which is Jiu-Jitsu’s essence.

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