GMA medalists in Melbourne

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Marcus, Minol, Edwin, Anthony, Paul, Martin

The IBJJF is dead serious about taking Jiu-Jitsu to every corner of the world.

This weekend, they held a flawless Melbourne International Open.

And, as usual, many GMA member academies took their students to compete.

Minol Tavares, from Equipe Master Wilson, was the open class and meddium heavy black belt master champion.

Tavares’ students also did great.

Black belt Paul Sayers won the senior 1 middleweight and came in second at the absolute.
At the blue belt, Anthony Pisano was the adult meddium heavy bronze medalist and Edwin Munian won the master middleweight and came second at the absolute.
White belt  Marcus Kennedy won the adult heavyweight and white belt Martin Kerr came third at the same category.
Also GMA member Mario Yokoyama, leader of Ryan Gracie Oceania, was the master black belt featherweight champion and bronze medalist at the absolute.
Congrats to all!

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