GB Springfield celebrates two new black belts

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GMA member school Gracie Barra Springfield celebrated a special graduation today.

Professor Marcos Barros gave the black belt to two of his students.

The happy ones were Bob Radmacher and Bill Hunt.

New belt for Bob

About Bob, the school website read: “Bob has been a great student from the start with many days of training and not giving up, he has pursued the sport of BJJ even when a not so good training day occurred. He encourages all his friends and students to keep trying and show up for class even if they feel they are not understanding something right away. His respect towards Professor Marcos and fellow students is obvious to anyone who knows him. He is a true professional and a worthy BJJ role model.”

Bill changes colors

Some nice words were there about Bill as well: “Bill Hunt has been nothing but excellent in his style and demeanor at Gracie Barra Springfield. He came to train with us after many years of hard work and dedication as a purple belt. I was excited to register him for classes and see what he could teach us ! He has taught us so much since that day and we are really Blessed to have him on the mats and in the Instructor’s Program.”

The graduation ceremony had also GMA member Beto Barros, from Gracie Barra The Loop, in attendance.

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