Full fight: Rodolfo Vieira’s finish at Shooto Brazil

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Rodolfo struck from the top before shooting for a kata-gatame. Carlos Arthur Jr.

Held late last month, Shooto Brazil 74 featured two BJJ world champions, both taking their first steps in mixed martial arts. Rodolfo Vieira and Bruno Malfacine stepped into the cage and won by submission.

The co-main bout of the night was only Vieira’s second-ever appearance in MMA, as he faced Fagner Rakchal, who had only a day’s notice to replace Vieira’s original opponent.

The fight saw a lot of striking. Powerful kicks and punches were thrown by Rakchal, who was intent on disappointing a crowd that was mostly supporting his opponent.

But, in round three, Vieira managed to apply a takedown, mount, strike from the top, and then pull a kata-gatame with just seconds to go. It can all be seen in this video, so enjoy.

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  1. Eddie at 4:05 pm

    Just my two cent, but I would think that Demian Maia has already left the blue print for high level BJJ used in MMA. I don’t see why nobody is copying his Wrestling & BJJ with a little halfguard hybrid style of takedown.

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