Fighter promoted to purple belt at 73

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At 73 years of age, Mr. Narciso Melo Teixeira trains BJJ at Abi Rihan Jiu-Jitsu. His son Cristiano is one of the teachers at the school. Not only did Cristiano introduce Dad to BJJ, but he follows his development and, alongside Abi Rihan, graduated him.

“I’ve been doing martial arts for many years. I’ve done karate, aikido and shaolin”, Teixeira tells us. “So today I’m graduating to purple-belt. My son is a black-belt and my master. There are two things I think are important to stress in order to practice this self-defense that is BJJ. Good nutrition and physical activity. In order to practice BJJ I do swimming and yoga, and I eat well. I used to be a marathon runner as well. All that has prepared me to be a BJJ practitioner.”

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