Fabio Gurgel teaches how to escape the 50/50 guard (part 2)

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Fabio Gurgel is back teaching the second part of the escape from the 50/50 guard created by his student Ricardo Mesquita back in 2009. (Part 1 can be found here.)

Translated transcript:

“Like I said, in the second situation, he has my leg wrapped from below — no longer in the straight foot lock. What do I have to worry about now? About controlling his hip, so that he can’t hip-escape too far out, and then I lose my balance. So my hand that’s free here [0:16], I’ll put it on the butt part of the pants, and I’ll stack him. This hand, again, comes to the outer side of the leg. My motion now is just one motion. I’ll throw my leg underneath his lumbar region, and focusing on putting the tip of my knee behind his thigh. Having reached this position, I’ve already completely undone the position. My foot is already free, and now I’m in a position of advantage. I’ll hug him so he can’t escape, without releasing the leg, and I’ll take the back.”

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