Davi Ramos ready for MMA after first-rate training at Corinthians

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Davi Ramos (centro), com Ramos Lemos e Rodrigo Minotauro. Foto :Aquivo Pessoal

Davi Ramos (middle), with Ramos Lemos and Rodrigo Minotauro / Personal archive photo

On November 10, Jiu-Jitsu champion Davi Ramos will be having his second venture into MMA, when he takes on Cesar Filho at Max Sports, at the gymnasium of São Paulo-based professional soccer club Corinthians. The Rio de Janeiro-born black belt did his entire training camp at the Corinthians facilities alongside a number of fight stars.

Now, on January 13 Davi will be back in his traditional attire for Copa Pódio. In this exclusive GRACIEMAG.com interview, Davi comments on his training with Luiz Dórea, discusses his opponent, what he learned from Junior Cigano and Rodrigo Minotauro, and much more.

GRACIEMAG: What did you learn from your time training at Corinthians?

DAVI RAMOS: I learned a lot from Coach [Luiz] Dórea’s team. The whole team is here at the gym, and training has been marvelous. We’ve done a well-rounded job of training both standing and on the ground, with Professor Ramon Lemos. When I’m in Rio the one who heads my training is Professor Cezar Casquinha. My expectations for this MMA fight are the best as can be.

With whom have you been training?

I train with all the athletes at Corinthians Training Center. I do my grappling with Ary Farias, Alexandre Capitão, Denílson Bischiliari, Ronaldinho Cândido and Alan. I practice striking with Roberto Facada, Dedé, Cangur, Edson plus Dórea’s team. So I’m learning more and more with every day. There’s a gang from the UFC here too, like Ronny Marques, Ednaldo Lula, Hugo Wolverine and Junior Cigano. I’ve been learning a lot.

How did your visit to Rodrigo Minotauro’s gym go?

Minotauro was here at the Training Center and had a spar with the guys. I watched the way he trains closely. His Jiu-Jitsu is really sharp and he attacks the whole time. I feel that’s the way I fight too. Plus I swapped some information with him—that’s what counts most for me, since I’m just starting out in MMA.

What do you know about your opponent, Cesar Filho?

Cesar has a Jiu-Jitsu background but is more of an MMA athlete. What I mean is, these days he does everything: he stands just as much as he grapples. But I’m well prepared, so it’s in God’s hands.

How have you been dividing your time between MMA training and Jiu-Jitsu training, for your Copa Pódio match alongside your girlfriend, Marina Ribeiro?

I have a lot of time to train and get readapted to Jiu-Jitsu, since Copa Pódio is only in January. Even so, I train in the gi every day; only now that the fight is coming up am I putting the gi aside, to not hinder me. Jiu-Jitsu is my cash cow, so I can’t ever neglect training in it. I feel that all the athletes who put off Gi Jiu-Jitsu training will end up lacking in the future. It’s something I swear I’ll never neglect practicing.

What are your plans for after Copa Pódio?

After Copa Pódio I’ll turn my attention back to MMA. But I’ll also do some Abu Dhabis trials as well, because the Abu Dhabi WPJJC is the championship I like competing at the most. And of course, next year’s Jiu-Jitsu World Championship is also on my calendar.

Watch Davi in action against Jeff Monson at Grapplers Quest:

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