Rodolfo and Gabi win two golds apiece

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All the world champions have now emerged. Rodolfo Vieira and Gabi Garcia are the two double winners of the day, capturing gold in their respective heavyweight and absolute divisions. Check out how the contest played out:

Rodolfo Vieira in photo by Dan Rod


Gabrielle Garcia overcomes Bia Mesquita by 2-0, coming close to finishing early on with a clock choke. With two gold medals, Gabrielle is the big name of the female division.

Rodolfo Vieira got the takedown, passed guard and mounted Bernardo Faria. With a score of 9-0, Vieira is the big winner in the men’s division.

Rodolfo Vieira beats Bernardo Faria by a guard pass, in the first of two encounters between the two on the day.

Bruno Malfacine outpointed Caio Terra by 4-2, making Malfa four-time world champion.

Light Featherweight
Guilherme Mendes and Ary Farias closed out for Atos

Rafael Mendes and Augusto Tanquinho draw at 4-4 after exchange of sweeps, but Mendes leads by 2 advantage points to 1. It is the first time brothers Rafael and Guilherme are champions at the same Worlds.

Gilbert Durinho outpoints Kron Gracie by 9-2. Kron took the lead with a sweep but Durinho swept back and followed up with a guard pass and then another sweep.

Marcelo Garcia scored two points early on against  Lucas Leite. That was enough to secure Garcia his fifth world title. He ironically thanked Steven Seagal for helping him win.

Medium Heavyweight
Sérgio Moraes beat Rômulo Barral by 4 to 2. Both were awarded penalties. Moraes landed a takedown.

Super Heavyweight
Léo Nogueira edges Marcus Bochecha after 2-2 draw on points and draw on advantage points. Léo wins his first world title.

Antonio Braga Neto defeats Rodrigo Cavaca by a score of 7 to 0.

Female final results:

Light Featherweight
Letícia Ribeiro defeated Nyjah Easton by 3 to 2.

Michelle Nicoline defeated Kyra Gracie.

Luanna Alzuguir submitted Luiza Monteiro

Hannette Staack submitted Ida Josefin.

Medium heavyweight
Talita Treta defeated Penny Thomas

Gabi Garcia submitted Emily Wetzel


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