Check out the new Ceará State Jiu-Jitsu champion’s game

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Davi Romcy defeated Helio Mourão in the black belt absolute final. Photo by Junior Samurai/

Held last weekend in the city of Fortaleza, the CBJJ-sanctioned Ceará State championship crowned the black belt Davi Romcy the local boy to beat. The Ribeiro JJ athlete was making his debut at the highest rank in competition Jiu-Jitsu and showed he’s in it to win it.

Inspired by Xande Ribeiro, who held a seminar last week at the Fortaleza branch of his association, Davi tapped out everyone he faced in the competition, taking gold at medium heavyweight and in the absolute division. “I’d like to thank all my students, friends, family, my girlfriend, my masters Thiago Goiabeira and Guilherme Rocha de Faria, as well as the entire Ribeiro Jiu-Jitsu team,” said the ace.

In the final of the absolute contest, Davi wrapped a lapel around Helio Mourão of Gracie Barra’s neck to squeeze out a choke from side-control. Watch the hold unfold below:

In the divisions not won by Romcy, Helio Mourão took the heavyweight title, Gilson “Neném” Nunes of Evolution team won the featherweight contest, and also-Evolution rep Lucca França placed atop the lightweight division.

Among the veterans, Francelino Gonçalves of Nova União took top spot in the master open weight division. Now Paulo Ceguim of Evolution took gold at middleweight, Breno Lima of MG won at lightweight, and Osmar Fontes did the same but at heavyweight.

At brown belt, four Evolution athletes closed out the absolute and decided amongst themselves who would get the medals: Alison Viana took gold; Paulo Izaias, silver; while Leandro Silva and Fabio Silva shared bronze.

In the overall team contest, Gracie Barra took first, followed by Brasa and Evolution.

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