Watch Lyoto Machida and Roger Gracie training at Black House

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Roger escuta macetes de Lyoto entre um round e outro do treino de sparring. Foto: Divulgação.

Roger listens to pointers from Lyoto between rounds during a sparring session. Publicity photo.

Curious to see Roger Gracie and Lyoto Machida tangling at Black House academy in Los Angeles? We were too.

“Lyoto’s a sensational guy. We’re helping each other a lot, I think, and not just in the ring. We’re just starting to become good friends, as we haven’t known each other very long,” said the Gracie. “Our styles complement each other. If I can pick up a bit of his standup game of darting in and out, I’ll be a complete fighter.”

Roger takes on Keith Jardine at this  Saturday’s Strikeforce event.

Check out the Mike Lee-produced video, where you even get to see Kevin Casey launch a sweet ground attack on Roger, and an interesting spar between André Galvão and the Gracie. Let us know what you think in the comments field below.

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