Calasans grand champion of United Arab Emirates

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Claudio Calasans wins weight and open weight. Photo: Luca Atalla

This Saturday in Abu Dhabi the 2010 installment of the World Pro Jiu-Jitsu Cup came to an end. This time around the big name was Claudio Calasans, who won at weight and even took home the 20 thousand dollars awarded the winner of the open weight class.

The man of the event

In the main division (absolute), Calasans defeated Alexandre Souza in the semifinal by an advantage point. Displaying versatility in playing both on top and on bottom, the black belt nearly got the sweep from the X-guard. At the other end of the bracket, Braulio Estima defeated Gabriel Vella, also by an advantage point, in a battle without much by way of excitement. In the grand decider of the day, victory went to the Atos representative, who scored three advantages on Carcara and ended with a snug armbar on his opponent. All that was left to do was for Calasans to celebrate.

Before that, the fighter had already beat Braulio, but in the under 83kg category. At the end of the match, he tied with a sweep and took the gold.

Demente returns loss

Beaten by Gabriel Vella in the absolute, Ricardo Demente made no mistakes in the over 92kg division final. Losing by advantages, Demente swept and secured gold

Ceconi still on a roll

Alexandro Ceconi defeated Romulo Barral in the final seconds by 3 to 2 on the scorecards. Barral swept and attacked the back, but Ceconi passed guard in the waning moments. Romulo disagrees with the points. According to him, the position was not stabilized. Nevertheless, he’ll have to live with it, as the gold and money go to Alexandro.

Durinho tops under 74kg

Gilbert Durinho was impressive at the qualifiers in Rio, winning a riveting match against Celso Venicius. In Abu Dhabi, the two faced off again, and Durinho got the best of the encounter one more time. Claudio Caloquinho won the Gramado tryouts and made it to the final in Abu Dhabi with first-rate Jiu-Jitsu. In the decider, Durinho captured yet another gold medal for Atos, with a sweep in another breathtaking match.

Brother vs brother

And the gold medalist of the under 65kg division was Rafael Mendes, who faced brother Guilherme. The score was 4 to 2. But what was most striking was the bros’ supremacy, making it to yet another final together; something they’ve been doing since blue belt.

Gabrielle Garcia on top

After a spotless Jiu-Jitsu Pan campaign, winning at weight and open weight, the Alliance representative remains at the top. Gabrielle Garcia defeated Luzia Fernandes in the over-63kg decider by 8 to 2, with two reverse mounts to one takedown from Luzia, who opened the scoring.

Victorious rematch

At the Gramado qualifiers, Beatriz Mesquita got the best with the shortened match duration. Again no points were scored, but this time it was Luanna Alzuguir who prevailed. The Alliance athlete beat Bia by judges’ decision after 0  to 0 and 6 regulation minutes.

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