Marcus Buchecha on newly heavyweight Leandro Lo: “Still fast”

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Marcus Buchecha and Leandro Lo

Four-time absolute world champion Marcus Buchecha spent a week in Sao Paulo training with Leandro Lo, who will debut as a heavyweight this weekend at the European BJJ Championship in Portugal. Buchecha, who has trained with Lo before and fought him in the absolute division, had this to say about him:

Lo has become a good friend, and, whenever we have a chance, we exchange experiences. So we’ve trained a few times. But now was the first time I trained with him at this new weight. Many people think that he lost speed because he moved up in weight, but I can guarantee that’s not the case. He continues to have the same game, always jumping right in, but with more strength and heavier. So I’m sure he will do well in this new weight class and he will fight well in his debut as a heavyweight.

Buchecha himself will only compete again at the World Championship, and he knows there’s a chance he will clash with his pal there. About that he said, with a laugh, “I believe it will be the same as when we train together — always rough. I have no doubt it will be a great fight.”

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