As Braus expands abroad, a look at its philosophy and support of young athletes

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After six years, the Braus Fight brand has begun to expand its sports production market for Jiu-Jitsu to first-world countries such as Korea, Japan, Europe and the United States. Based in Sydney, Australia, since 2013, the year of its inception, Braus wants to bring all its innovation in the form of sporting goods production and vision of Jiu-Jitsu to the countries mentioned above.

Renato Santos, the entrepreneur behind the brand, tells us how a set of pillars work in the management of his company: authenticity, compassion, connection, service, quality and innovation.

“Braus fight is different in all aspects if compared to a traditional Gi brand,” says Renato, who is a Jiu-Jitsu brown belt. “We care about the community, we see jiu Jitsu differently, and we treat each athlete / member of the company as an individual company. We work growing the company in parallel with growing the industry, as well as developing a future for our people. And the soul of BRAUS Fight lies within the first three; our enterprise is based on humanity and that will always come first, the second three ensuring we remain accountable to delivering above expectation in all that we do.

He adds: “Our Infinity symbol was designed to signify the limitless journey of life, people, connection, learning and BJJ — everything is connected, and limits remain only in our minds. The Fight Never Ends continues this sentiment reminding us to never give up and forever keep striving and thriving both on the mats and beyond. Faith, love, and hard work. Those combined are the key factors.”

Renato goes on to offer athletes advice on how to get sponsorship and live off the sport, two of the most pertinent issues for fighters today. Next, the entrepreneur details and explains his way of recruiting an athlete for his sponsored team.

“I will be giving a general rule for that question. All I can say is that for Braus, the right people are those who love the sport, are committed to a good cause, and that work hard for something bigger than just medals and titles. The money stays; the legacy carries on. And we want to have a legacy, a long-lasting legacy. Coming from a construction background, I always look at the foundations of our company the same way we look at a building project. If you build a house with a weak foundation it won’t stand the load of the structure above. And at Braus it is the same; we believe that sculpting our foundations from a young age, or low belt ranking, is the key to being able to sustain the weight of our growth in the long run,” says Renato, who is used to supporting athletes himself in their beginning in the sport — the case of Jorjão Fernandes, a yellow belt of only 10 years. The young athlete has bold career plans and is a part of every Braus production.

One success story involves Braus and Levi Jones. Today’s beloved black belt and current European and Pan champion by the International Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Federation (IBJJF) joined the sponsored team in the white belt, for showing commitment to the sport even though he was only 15 at that time. Today, at 22, Levi is one of the strongest lightweights.

“Levi showed up at the gym at the age of 15,” Renato recalls. “He had quit school and came up to us saying he wanted to do Jiu Jitsu full time and become a black belt world champion. We obviously did not support the quitting school part of the story. However, we soon realized he was determined to pursue his dreams, therefore we decided to give him full support, since we are not ones to judge what is right or wrong. Levi has a long and bright future ahead of him, and we are happy to support him along the way, as we always have.”

Braus has as part of its logo the infinity symbol, designed to mean the unlimited journey of life, people, connection, learning and Jiu-Jitsu — everything is connected, and the limits remain only in our minds.

[Source: PR.]

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