2015 Worlds No-Gi: Pena vs. Diniz; Correa vs. Dern at open class finals; other results

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Felipe Pena

Felipe Pena

gamenessThe tradition will be kept and once again the 2015 Worlds No-Gi will crown two first-time adult black belt open class champions this Sunday.

Felipe Pena and Matheus Diniz will fight for the gold medal in the male division while Mackenzie Dern and Andresa Correa will battle for the top of the podium in the female bracket.

All four finalists more than deserved to get the shot at the ultimate glory.

Male Open Class

Felipe Pena fought 5 times this Saturday and finished all his opponents, four in the open class and one in the heavyweight division.

In the absolute, he first caught Wilson Reis with a guillotine, then he stretched the arm of Patrick Gaudi.

The opponent on the quarterfinals was Arnaldo Maidana, beat with a foot lock.

The semifinal put Felipe face to face with DJ Jackson, who had beat Eliot Kelly, Guybson Sá and Caio Terra on his way to the match that was worth a spot in the final.

Pena didn’t waste too much time playing DJ’s favorite stand up style, and soon pulled guard.

After some scramble, Pena was able to catch DJ’s back and finish with a rear naked choke.

Felipe Diniz

Felipe Diniz

On the other side of the bracket, Matheus Diniz was also brilliant from beginning to end.

First he choked Nicholas Liaskos from the back, then he beat the always dangerous Garry Tonon by points.

The quarterfinal match was against Steven Patterson, also caught win a RNC.

Mahamed Aly would be Diniz’ opponent in the semifinal.

The newest black belt on Team Lloyd Irvin was also brilliant in his open class campaign, having defeated Gabriel Kitober with a kimura lock, Charles Negromonte with a leg lock and finally Jackson Sousa by referee decision after a hail Mary sweep that tied the match.

Unfortunately for Mahamed, he would taste his own poison against Diniz.

Ahead 2-0 in the scoreboard after a takedown, Aly allowed Diniz to hold him from behind an ended on the ground, where Matheus quickly took his back and got the choke in place to get the tap with 8s to go on the clock.

It was the most thrilling moment of the day.

Here’s a photo gallery of the male black belt open class.

2015 Worlds No-Gi - Day 1 - Male Open Class

Female Open Class

Mackenzie Dern keeps her impressive record this year.

In two matches in the open class division, she caught Josephine Masiello’s arm and then twisted Emile Maxine’s foot to reach the final.

With last year’s absolute champion Gabi Garcia on the stands, Alliance’s Andresa XCorrea also fought twice to be in the final.

First she beat Amanda Loewen and then caught Tammi Musumeci with a leg lock.

Here’s a photo gallery of the female black belt open class.

2015 Worlds No-Gi - Day 1 - Female Open Class

Weight divisions

Each of the male adult black belt weight divisions had their semifinal matches defined. All matches will happen this Sunday. Here are the semifinals.


Yusuke Honma vs. Leandro Escobar

Caio Terra vs. Jorge Santistevan


João Miyao vs. Thomas Lisboa

Rafael Freitas vs. Samir Chantre


Augusto Tanquinho vs. Gianni Grippo

Paulo Miyao vs. Osvaldo Moizinho


Michael Langhi vs. Thiago Abreu

Thiago Gaia vs. Mansher Khera


Marcelo Mafra vs. Jonathan Satava

Otavio Sousa vs. DJ Jackson


Thiago Sá vs. Charles Negromonte

Lucas Barbosa vs. Matheus Diniz


Jackson Sousa vs. Felipe Bueno

Felipe Pena vs. Arnaldo Maidana


João Assis vs. James Puopolo

Roberto Alencar vs. Guybson Sá


Roberto Cyborg vs. Mahamed Aly

Gabriel Lucas vs. Gustavo Elias

Female black belt finals


Chelsea Donner vs. Patricia Santos


Mackenzie Dern vs. Tammi Musumeci


Karen Antunes vs. Kiri Liao


Angelica Galvão vs. Amanda Loewen


Andresa Correa vs. Leanna Dittrich

Fights kick off this Sunday, 9:30AM (PT).

Click here for the complete coverage of day 1 and to follow day 2.

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