2014 WPJJC: Buchecha sweeps for last second win; Gabi confirms her supremacy

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The 2014 WPJJC was a rerun of last year’s edition, as far as the black belt open class division is concerned.

Once again, Gabi Garcia and Marcus Almeida Buchecha ended up with the belts around their waist.

In the female brown/black belt division, Garcia once again had no opponents able to threaten her supremacy.

In the final match, she quickly passed the guard of Janni Larsson and cranked a kimura lock from side control.

Gabi is now a three-time open class champion in  Abu Dhabi.

In the male division, Marcus Almeida was behind in the scoreboard by three advantages and had only seconds to do something.

And he did.

Buchecha managed a last second sweep and as the clock ran out the referee awarded him the two points.

Rodolfo was in disbelief after what was his best performance in a long time against the rival.

In the beginning of the match, he almost got a guard pass and mount.

Nevertheless, the personal score between the two is 4-1 to Buchecha now.

They will probably meet next in Long Beach, California, at the end of May, at the 2014 World Jiu-Jitsu Championship.

For the full results, go to uaejjf.org

Here are the best pictures of this Saturday of thrills in the UAE.

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