World Pro: Leandro Lo weight and absolute champ in Natal

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Lo seeks finish in absolute final. Photo: Carlos Ozório.

This Sunday saw the winners of the very first tryouts for the 2012 World Pro materialize, in Natal, Brazil. After qualifying for two finals on Sunday, Leandro Lo cemented his place at the top by winning both. With the result, the Cícero Costha student earned his all-expenses-paid trip to Abu Dhabi for the finals and a 2,000-dollar bonus to boot.

In the under-74kg division, Lo overcame local ace Bruno Ramos (Nine Nine) by passing guard, getting knee on belly, and finishing neatly with an armbar. Now in the absolute, against André Simões, Leandro swept thrice, passed guard and got knee on belly, winning by a score of 11-2.

But Leandro Lo wasn’t the only one who caught attention. The final that livened up the crowd most was the one between Thiago Barreto (#One JJ/Brasa) and Jussier Formiga (Kimura), both hometown 65kg competitors. Thiago started out using his guard-playing savvy to get a sweep, which Formiga returned in kind. It stayed at a draw, however, a triangle attempt from Barreto in the waning moments earned a judges’ decision in his favor.

In the under-84kg division, Gracie Barra whiz Bruno Alves worked his guard-playing magic on Adeildo José (GFTeam). Alves swept twice and controlled the run of play till the end.

Caio Magalhães, the winner of this year’s Rio Open, divides his time between Jiu-Jitsu and MMA. The Sas JJ black belt did well to contain the attacks of Fabiano Boi (Alliance), who had submitted everyone in his way until then. With an advantage point from early in the match, Caio rode out the match on top and took the gold and berth in Abu Dhabi.

Also earning his way to the Arab Emirates, Antonio Carlos “Cara de Sapato” had to topple giants in getting there, having opted to compete in the over-92kg division. Antonio came up against 2010’s winner, Caio Alencar, and managed to sweep and take back mount. He had to work free from an omoplata but kept the score in his favor.

Luiza against Mazelli / Photo: Carlos Ozório

In the female division, Luiza Monteiro (CheckMat) overcame Fernanda Mazelli in the over-63kg weight class. Luiza started out losing by a takedown but then swept and passed guard. Now in the lighter weight group, Marina Ribeiro (CheckMat) defeated Bruna Ribeiro (Atos). The black belt took back mount and finished up with a choke.

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