Watch Anderson training in the gi on new MMA program

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Brazilian telejournalist Mario Filho is back, and the Ricardo de la Riva black belt isn’t alone. Check out the trailer for his new internet-broadcast TV show “Oss,” where he interviews Anderson Silva about Chael Sonnen, UFC 148 and plenty more.

Formerly from Brazilian martial arts program Sensei Sportv, Filho now joins fellow journalists Gleidson Venga and Marcelo Alonso along with Rodrigo Minotauro and ADCC champion and Sonnen’s training partner Vinny Magalhães, in addressing the circumstances surrounding this weekend’s middleweight title tilt.

“The first time you fought you got it right; you said you were going to sub him, and you subbed him,” Mario Filho says in setting the tone for the show.

“In my opinion he shouldn’t be fighting for the title again, because he got caught using banned substances and doesn’t respect any of the athletes fighting in the UFC.

Now the journalist for do Vale Tudo Gleidson Venga feels otherwise: “To put together a title fight, it has to be sellable and has to be against someone who’s high ranked. And I feel Chael Sonnen fills both requisites.

The champion’s training partner/coach Rodrigo Minotauro foreshadows what we can expect to see from Silva com the 7th: “It’s always nice to see the champion motivated. I think Sonnen talked too much, and that’s going to come back and bite him.”

On the stream of provocation coming from the challenger, Anderson says, “You have to have a conviction about what you’re actually going to do…”

Followed by a recording of his outburst at the recent telephone press conference: “He’s an imbecile. And on the 7th I’m going to smash his face. I’m going to yank out every tooth in his mouth.

ADCC champ Vinny Magalhães, who has been working with Sonnen on his ground game, chimes in with his expectations: “I feel that if he pressures him with his wrestling he’ll take Anderson down, and he has what it takes to submit him. Whether he’s going to sub him or not, I don’t know. Can he? Of course he can.”

“He’s crazy,” says Silva, “but the promoters of the UFC are also at fault for his posture,” stirring the pot of controversy.

Take a look at the maiden broadcast of OSS:

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