Valente brothers host successful tribute to 100 years of Helio Gracie with 300 guests

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Valente brothers bring together 300 people at their tribute to 100 years of Helio Gracie. Photo: Valente brothers

On Tuesday, Oct. 1 the Valente brothers brought together over 300 people to remember Helio Gracie on his hundredth anniversary. The GMA Gracie Jiu-Jitsu Miami professors Pedro, Gui and Joaquim hosted an event at the Newport Beachside Hotel in Sunny Isle Beach, FL north of Miami.

All dressed in white kimonos, the night ensued with speeches, demonstrations and an overall showing of respect for the Grand Master.

In response to the event, the three brothers say:

“We are extremely grateful to each and every one of you who attended tonight’s tribute to the 100 years of Helio Gracie. This was the least we could do for the man who made Jiu-Jitsu possible for all of us. We are also thankful for all the nice messages we received during the course of the day. These demonstrations of respect and honor mean more than any choke, armlock, throw, or any physical technique performed on the mat.”

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