The day Kron beat Rickson (twice)

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Rickson overcome with emotion / Photos: John Lamonica

In June Rickson passed the torch and the academy over to his son, Kron, one of the standouts at the last Worlds, having put the breaks on then two-time lightweight champion Michael Langhi.

At the students' request, "Choke" live

At Kron’s school in California our photographer John Lamonica caught some curious moments on camera, like the one’s for you to behold below, with friends Xande Ribeiro, Royler Gracie present, and the new crop of black belts being promoted.

Lamonica also captured Rickson’s outpouring of emotion, weeping during the ceremony, causing his brother Royler to shed some tears as well.

For the most part Rickson was wholeheartedly happy, though, and would have been happier, were it not for the two bitter losses that didn’t sit well with the red-and-black belt – in ping-pong, where Kron showed his father no mercy, winning back-to-back games.

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