Stephen “Pesadelo” Hall living the Jiu-Jitsu dream

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GMA member Stephen Hall, aka Pesadelo (nightmare, in Portuguese), has had some great results lately.

He and his students from Pesadelo BJJ, an Alliance affiliate in Dallas, Texas, collected victories in different events, as he tells us. The IBJJF’s Miami International Open was one of them: “I am very proud of my team. In addition to my gold medal in the black belt senior 1 absolute division and the 2nd place in the ultra-heavyweight, three students I took to Florida also brought back gold medals!. Michael Foster tapped out all his oponents at the purple Belt, master middleweight. So did Ronald Green, at the purple belt senior 1 lightweight. Brian Lewis repeated the performance at the purple belt senior 3 super-heavyweight. He also took the bronze at teh absolute. This is a repeat of what they did at the Las Vegas Open.”

And that is not all, as Hall continues: “In the recent regional tournament, Battle of H-Town, They all won their division with Michale taking the purple belt adult middleweight division, Ronald taking the purple belt masters middleweight division, and Brian taking the purple belt masters super-heavyweight division. I had two white belts also take gold in their division at Battle of H-Town. I would just like to salute them all for their hard work, and belief in the Alliance Jiu-Jitsu they have been handed and are working to show!”

Congrats to Stephen and his team.

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  1. Robert at 1:34 pm

    I travel a lot and have been fortunate enough to train with Profe Hall at his Dallas area school. The success of his students is directly related to the quality of instruction and the intensity of work at his academy. After training there (and almost having a heart attack just from the warm-ups!), it’s not a surprise that they are harvesting gold medals. Congratulations to Pesadelo and all of his students for their achievements.

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