South American: Demente absolute champ

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Ricardo “Demente” was the big name at the 4th South American Championship to be put on by the IBJJF.
After pulling guard and quickly sweeping, the Nova Uniao black belt attacked the back and didn’t let Diego “Nosferatu” Herzog move much. Upon passing guard, Ricardo put on the pressure, dribbled a kneebar attempt from Diego and secured victory by a healthy margin, 9 to 0.

With the title, the super heavyweight earned a free flight to the European Jiu-Jitsu Championship early next year in Lisbon. The prize was sponsored by Bad Boy. At weight, Alexandre Ceconi took the gold – Ricardo decided not to compete to save energy for the absolute.

The other grand champions were: Leonardo Martins (light featherweight), Mario Reis (featherweight), Celso Venicius (middleweight), Augusto Tio Chico (medium heavyweight), Alan Regis (heavyweight) and Big Mac (ultra heavyweight).
At lightweight, revelation David Lemes (Atos JJ) stood out, brushing off favorites Bruno Frazatto and Moacir Mendes, his opponent in the final.

The other plane ticket was raffled off to the black belt winners excluding Demente, and Bernardo Moura (SAS), winner of the featherweight master category, took it.

Check out the adult black belt results (For more, click here):

Adult Black belt:

1) Marcos Franco (Gracie Barra)

2) Tiago Marques (Marcus Aurelio Team)

Light featherweight

1) Leandro Martins (CheckMat)

2) Irmeson Cavalcante (Gracie Barra)


1) Mário Reis (Gracie Barra)

2) Maxmiliano Oliveira Campos (CheckMat)

3) Richard Avila (Kamikaze)

3) Leon Amancio (CheckMat)


1) David Juliano Lemes (Atos)

2) Moacir Mendes Jr (Gracie Barra)

3) Bruno Frazatto (Careca BJJ)

3) Denis Mitchel (De La Riva)


1) Celso Venicius (Ryan Gracie)

2) Orlando Zanetti (Atos)

3) Bruno Almeida Alves (Gracie Barra PE)

3) Mateus Bernardi (Sul JJ)

Medium heavyweight

1) Augusto “Tio Chico” Vieira (Gracie Barra)

2) Rodrigo Fajardo (Gracie Barra)

3) Felipe Perez Simão (Gracie Barra)


1) Alan Regis (Gracie Barra Detonando)

2) Rodrigo Campedelli (Cia Paulista)

3) Leonardo Balena (Alliance)

3) Mauricio Carra (CheckMat)

Super heavyweight

1) Alexandre Ceconi (Rilion Gracie)

2) Ricardo Abreu (Nova Uniao)

3) Tiago Schietti (Nova Uniao)

3) Felipe Pereira (Gracie Florianópolis)


1) Luiz Felipe Theodoro (Godoi JJ)

2) Roberto Piazza (De La Riva)

3) Mauro Felipe de Oliveira (Crolin Gracie)

3) Marcio Luis Estevan (Claudionor)


1) Ricardo Abreu (Nova Uniao)

2) Diego Herzog (Gracie Florianópolis)

3) Alexandre Ceconi (Rilion Gracie)

3) Eduardo Milioli (Rilion Gracie)

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