“Shielded”, Roosevelt Sousa wants to train like never before to win ADCC

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Roosevelt Sousa is one of the best black belt from BJJ new generation. Foto: Milena Maldonado

Roosevelt Sousa, 29, is one of the Fight Sports stars set to fight at the ADCC 2022, scheduled for September in Las Vegas, Nevada. The black belt will compete for the gold in the +99kg division.

Champion of the ADCC trial in Balneário Camboriú after four matches, being one for a straight standing fight, two for a heel hook, and one with a calf slicer, Roosevelt says that it is impossible to compare that performance to the one that will be presented in the main event in a couple of months.

“At the tryouts, I didn’t have even 50% of the preparation than I have today! I believe that, in September, I will be 100% technically and physically ready and you can be sure of a great performance. I am a very strategic fighter and ADCC’s rules are very specific. I believe that whoever uses this to their advantage will prevail”, says Roosevelt.

The athlete’s preparation will take place at the Fights Sports’ headquarters, located in Miami, Florida, alongside Roberto Cyborg and his team. With months left until the event, he even hired a wrestling star to sharpen his standing game. Pat Downey will be the teacher during the training sessions.

“Here at Fight Sports, we have one of the best no-gi workouts in the world, especially during the ADCC camp, when we have the opportunity to lose weight and learn from Cyborg and Vagner Rocha. It’s Jiu-Jitsu training and two fights during a week”, comments the champion, before talking about Pat’s arrival.

“Pat Downey will be our wrestling coach during camp. To be honest, I’ve never trained with him, but I know he’s a great first-division fighter here in the States. We will certainly learn and develop a lot in our wrestling”, he concludes.

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