Ronda Rousey goes back to her roots and teaches judo throws in Brazil

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4_GB72_StampSiteLong before she became the uber star in female MMA, Ronda Rousey was a world class judo player.

Everybody knows that she won a a bronze medal in the 2008 Olympics, in Beijing, China.

This week, Ronda paid a visit to Reação Institute, a social project led by also Olympic Bronze medalist, Flavio Canto.

In the judo gi, Rousey took the opportunity to teach some of her favorite techniques.

Here’s the translation of Canto’s describing of the technique:

First throw:

“When the opponent goes in front, she makes a grip behind the back just above the belt and keeps his waist lower than the adversary’s. Then she transfers her weight to the other leg and lifts the opponent to throw to the front. Using the same technique as in the first throw, when the opponent defends by trying to put his/her feet on the ground in front of Ronda’s, she throws the adversary backwards”

Second throw (1:17):

Facing the opponent, with a cross grip on the collar, Ronda places her big toe close to the opponent’s big toe. Then, she elevates the adversary’s arm and spins her hips to begin the throw. She then leans forward as if she wanted to touch her big toe with her forehead and completes the throw.”

Third throw (2:45):

“Start with your shoulder behind the oppoent’s shoulder. Make a grip on the back. Ronda prefers to make a high grip instead of a grip on the belt. Then put one foot between the adversary’s legs. At that moment, the opponent will stretch his/her leg to defend the uchimata. After that, bring your outer leg inside the adversary’s legs while you lay down and use the other leg to place a hook behind the opponent’s knee. Use the grip on the back and the hook to trow the opponent to the other side to complete the throw.”


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