Paulão: “I’m aggressive like a pitbull”

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Paulo Filho at Memorial Fight. Photo: Carlos Ozório

This Sunday Paulo Filho embarks for Australia, where on July 18 he faces Denis Kang at Impact FC.

“When you guys see what I’m like now, you’ll like it. I’m strong as a mule and aggressive like a pitbull,” warns the black belt.

“I’m focused, training every day, happy as all and in absurd physical shape. I’m surrounded by great friends, my dogs and I have a marvelous woman, Daniela,” he adds.

Paulão was supposed to have face Denis Kang in the final of the now-extinct Pride Bushido GP. On the occasion, the fight didn’t end up happening because Paulão pulled out due to injury.

Kang doesn’t have the ground game, strength or heart that I do” Paulão

“I trained a lot of Jiu-Jitsu. He’s a really tough athlete, a guy who took off at the Pride GP, just like me. I know Kang is a one-punch fighter. He comes in with a jab, jab and a straight. A punch from him will lay out the others, but I don’t think it’s all that. He doesn’t have my ground game, my strength or even my heart,” is his appraisal.

Photo: Carlos Ozório

The fighter would have had three fights while on the trip, but the event in New Zealand was postponed and the athletic commission in Australia disallowed back-to-back fights.

“I was bummed because I was counting on those fights to put my things in order. The commission didn’t allow it, so life goes on.”

After his impending outing in Australia, his future is unclear. Paulão awaits contact from manager Jorge Guimarães.

“I don’t know how things are going to be. I want to know what Joinha (Jorge’s nickname” wants; if he doesn’t want to work with me anymore. Maybe if he reads this interview he’ll contact me. He never got back in touch with me. If he doesn’t want to, I’ll forge ahead. Time is running out, what can I do?” he says in finishing.

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