Mission: open guard – Part 2

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Continuing with the theme studied last week, Renzo Gracie and Leo Tunico teach fundamental techniques starting from the open guard, further widening your range of options so you never again have to feel unsafe when your opponent opens your guard. You will learn that the space and mobility your opponent has when they open your guard can be used against them, as if the guard player were throwing bait to attract the passer toward devilish traps. In your lifestyle lesson, check out the testimonial by Olympic judoka Travis Stevens, who shows how you can benefit from the winning mindset of a high-performance athlete.

This week of Renzo Gracie Online Academy is organized as follows:

  • Seven lessons about open guard techniques.
  • One lifestyle lesson.

Day 1: Monday

Lesson 1: Back-take via collar drag

When your opponent opens your guard and bullfights in search of side control, you can control their collar, thus controlling their moves and attacking too. It’s what Renzo Gracie teaches in this special lesson about the open guard, shifting between chokes and collar drags. Note that it’s important for you to place yourself sideways at all times, providing your hips with mobility and also widening the angle that will make your collar pull extra powerful.

Lesson 2: Sit-up guard controlling the near sleeve

As you hug your opponent’s leg in order to play sit-up guard, you have multiple options to grip the passer’s gi: lapel, belt, sleeve on the opposite side, or the sleeve closest to you (same side as the leg you’re controlling). Tunico demonstrates a sweep that uses this last type of grip. Pay attention to the details of Tunico’s spin designed to unbalance his opponent.

Day 2: Tuesday

Lesson 3: Choke from the open guard

Renzo Gracie shows how the cross collar is a very effective support point for you to stay protected with your guard open. Note that Renzo uses the grip on it as a sort of shield, controlling the distance in relation to the passer’s body in a dynamic way. The second his opponent approaches more than necessary, Renzo grips his jacket with the other hand and squeezes. Pay attention to how Renzo gets his opponent’s neck close to his stomach. If the passer moves away rather than closer, Renzo uses the collar control to pull abruptly and then move to the back.

Lesson 4: Sit-up guard to single-leg

Leo Tunico draws attention to the possibility that your opponent may break your grips the moment you arrive on the sit-up guard. In this case, a great option is to move to the single-leg. Pay attention to the positioning details so that you can stand, and don’t forget to use your shoulder to take your opponent down.

Day 3: Wednesday

Lesson 5: Tripod sweep

Leo Tunico teaches one of the most basic sweeps from the open guard — one that is recommended for when your opponent tries to pass your guard standing. One hand controls the sleeve; the other controls the heel. One leg hooks the opponent’s free leg while the guard player pushes the passer’s hips with their other foot. After he fells his opponent, pay attention to the details that Tunico teaches for you to easily get on top.

Day 4: Thursday

Lesson 6: Lasso defense

One option you have to play with the open guard is the lasso guard. Leo Tunico tackles the defensive aspects of this position, revealing tricks for you to wrap one of your opponent’s arms with your leg and contain their passing attempts. Pay attention to the way Tunico grips his opponent’s sleeve.

Day 5: Friday

Lesson 7: Lasso sweep

Leo Tunico analyzes the lasso guard from an attacking perspective. When his opponent tries to get to side control without getting rid of the leg that’s wrapping his arm, he becomes extremely vulnerable to getting swept to the opposite side he’s attacking. Tunico draws attention to the importance of not losing the grip on the sleeve, among other details.

Lesson 8: Lifestyle/ Competition

Travis Stevens believes the training plan of a high-performance athlete can be applied to the life of anybody faced with a challenging goal. In this lesson, Travis draws attention to the fact that you need a clear, realistic vision of who you are and what your true potential is at each stage of your journey.

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