Minotauro tapout hungry: “My guard is back!”

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Minotauro working hard to brush up his Jiu-Jitsu / Photo: Carlos Ozório

Not having fought since January 2010, Rodrigo Minotauro is getting ready for his showdown with Brendan Schaub at the August 27 UFC Rio show. Speaking to GRACIEMAG.com about the surgical operation he underwent on his hip, Minotauro admitted the injury set his Jiu-Jitsu back a great deal, mainly in his ability to play guard, which has long been the Brazilian’s trademark.

Now having recovered from surgery, Mino says his good old guard is back. Now the Ricardo De La Riva black belt says he will get back to actively pursuing the submission, at his upcoming challenge in Rio.

“My flexibility is improving with every day and my hip movement is too, which is what is most important. Flexibility, hip mobility, all that is essential for me to play guard. Between now and then I’ll be back to 100% and now my movement is much better than what it was before. My Jiu-Jitsu is certainly flowing better and better, and everyone can expect to see me doing my all to get the submission this fight. Brazilians have the best Jiu-Jitsu and I hope to show it,” he said.

GRACIEMAG.com got a close-up view of Minotauro training Jiu-Jits alongside beasts like Zé Mario Sperry, Thiago Jambo and his brother, Rogério Minotouro, who will be facing Rich Franklin on August 6.

“Our team is united in training; everyone has a fight coming up. Preparations have been going great and I’ll be 100%. Now I’d like to send out thanks to all the Brazilians who are backing me.”

The fact he will be fighting in Rio de Janeiro is extra added drive for the fighter on his return.

“I’ve always fought with the crowd against me. Having this chance to fight in Brazil on the UFC’s return to Brazil and at this moment in Rio de Janeiro, which will host the Olympics, will be a great feeling. I’ve been on ice for a long time from a number of injuries, and seeing the crowd there cheering will be extra incentive,” he said in closing.


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