Master Leitão expounds on leverage in grappling

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Master Leitão in photo from personal archive

Master Roberto Leitão (the eponymous father of the Brazilian national wrestling coach) calls on one and all to partake in a class at Nova União headquarters, Upper sports club, in Rio de Janeiro’s Flamengo borough. On August 13, a Saturday, starting at 10 am, Leitão will teach a seminar on the subject the Jiu-Jitsu (in this case, the no-gi variety) faithful are most fascinated with.

“I’ll address, in clear language, the central theme ‘Leverage from start to finish,’ and all its implications in a match, with basic principles, strategies, learning methods, and efficiency,” says the master, an encyclopedia on the subject of locks involving the legs, among other submission holds.

For further information and to sign up, visit or call 2553-3485.

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