Jungle Fight: Erick subs two and beats Mexican “lost in translation”

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Erick's belt in Wallid's hands. By promoter's side, municipal secretary of sport Saulo Costa and fighter Edilberto Crocotá. Photo: Jesus Henrique / O Liberal.

Welterweight Erick Silva (Minotauro Team) was today’s big winner at Jungle Fight by Ortobom in Belém do Pará.

With two submissions on the night, Erick took the mini-GP and confessed to Brazil’s Premiere Combate channel: “I hope this was my last fight in Brazil.”

Erick’s day’s labor began with a hard-fought win over Gil de Freitas, winning by guillotine choke in the third round. First, a thudding kick to the belly dropped Gil, and the ultimate winner finished the business on the ground, ending it with snug neck tie.

The final had Erick up against Mexico’s Francisco Ayon, who after beating Argentine Fernando Martinez went straight to the dressing room and stated he had no idea he would have to fight again.

After the misunderstanding was cleared up, Ayon appeared in the ring for the final, but just to be quickly put away by an armbar from Erick.

Others of the night’s standouts were Queixinho Marajó and Edilberto Crocotá, who showered their colleague Shinzo Machida with ovation after he overcame a game André Lobato. “How about that, the guy confused Shinzo with Lyoto,” laughed someone in the stands. Could it be? With Crocotá and Jungle Fight, anything can happen.

Check out the complete results:


Erick Silva submitted Gil de Freitas via guillotine at 0.57 min of R3
Francisco Ayon defeated Fernando Martinez via split decision
Final: Erick Silva submitted Francisco Ayon via armbar in R1

Featured fights:

Paulo Henrique defeated Anderson Tarta via armbar at 1:54 min of R1
Neilson Gomes defeated Silmar Sombra via unanimous decision
Ildemar Marajó knocked out Jacko Quintana via liver shot at 1:23 min of R1
Edilberto Crocotá submitted André Lobato via arm-triangle at 2:49 min of R2

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