In Singapore, Brodinho comments on sub at Art of War

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Brodinho receives stripe on belt from professor Gordinho

Brodinho receives stripe on belt from professor Gordinho

Leandro “Brodinho” Issa (5w, 2l) now lives in Singapore, where he teaches at Evolve/Gordo JJ Academy. The Jiu-Jitsu teacher wrote to from China, where he was at the November-28 Art of War 15 event.

“I fought a Korean named Choi Yeong Gwang, I started the fight with a quick takedown, but he escaped to his feet. I went for it again with a single-leg, took him down, mounted him and went for a triangle from the mount. I finished the fight in 1:27 min of the first round,” said the featherweight black belt.

Leandro thanked his corner and the special participation of his teammate Rafael dos Anjos, of the UFC.

“I’m training muay thai with Sitydtong Team and Rafael dos Anjos came to Singapore and helped me a lot. And of course I had the help of Roberto Gordo for my Jiu-Jitsu and as my cornerman,” he concluded.

The evening’s main event was between undefeated local star Hai Ling Ao (now 6w and no losses) and Japan’s Ryuki Ueyama.

Art of War 15 –Ueyama vs Hai Ling Ao

National Olympic Stadium, Beijing, China

November 28, 2009

Xian Ji submitted Zhang Zhou Hong via guillotine at 2:18 min of R1

Guo Bin Xue submitted Zhou Wen Jiang via armbar at 1:55min of R1

Jing Liang Li submitted Yun Tao Gong via guillotine at 5:29min of R1

Seung Chul Yoon defeated Yao Qiang via TKO at 2:37min of R1

She Ri Gu Leng Bao defeated Khomsan Hanchana via TKO at 2min51s do 1R

Leandro Issa da Silva submitted Yeong Gwang Choi via triangle at 1:27 min of R1

Jun Lei Li defeated Dang Legacygym by unanimous judges’ decision

Hoon Kim submitted Lubomir Guedjev via triangle at 8:58min of R1

Vaughn Anderson defeated Ivan Ivanov via TKO at 3:39min of R1

Hao Tian Wu submitted Arthit Hanchana via  kimura at 7:25min of R1

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