Hurdles leapt and in love, Cyborg takes on Galvão

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Cyborg in photo by Dan Rod

Roberto Cyborg didn’t have the easiest of years. Up until he won the ultra heavyweight division at last week’s No-Gi World Championship, the Francisco Toco black belt and our GMA in Miami had to jump through the some hoops. But who’s to say hardship can’t pan out in happiness? In the following interview, Cyborg shows how it all depends on your attitude.

Here’s what he had to say:

This title came at the right time, didn’t it? Tell us about what you’ve been through this season…

Overall this year has been one of trials and overcoming hurdles. I got injured a lot, messed up my knee early and sat out the whole first half of the year. When I got back to training for the ADCC, I got a serious shoulder injury at NY Ultimate Absolute in August, when I got slammed and tore three ligaments. I went to war at the ADCC, without training at all and with a torn shoulder. I managed to get bronze at the Worlds, bronze at the ADCC with two quick finishes, gold in the absolute at the Miami Cup, and gold at the No-Gi Worlds to cleanse my soul!

What’s on tap for 2012?

Now I’m focused on rehabilitating injuries so I can be back at 100% next year. I really believe in will power and that being champion is an attitude and not a moment. I outdid myself several times because I was on the mat giving my best. After all I went through this year and the workload I took on, I’m really happy and fulfilled. I feel 2011 was a great year, one of conquests on and off the mat! I made a record of 32 seminars around the world, an average of three per month. I think I was the Jiu-Jitsu athlete with the most seminars!

You have some other news, not just from your career but your personal life, don’t you?

I just launched the DVD Tornado DVD NoGi, which has been a hit ( I’ve got 15 branches around the world and am opening another two here in Florida by the end of the year. My team is growing every day, we have several world champions, we won the No-Gi Pan team contest. To wrap up, I met the love of my life and got married. Whew… what a year!

Have you made plans for 2012 as a competitor?

Next year, besides my agenda being crammed with seminars and lots of work, I have a match against André Galvão scheduled for the February NY Absolute, and there’s the Abu Dhabi Pro in April. Other than that, I’ll compete anywhere, as always! Gi or No-Gi, I’m going to compete everywhere I can. I promise there’ll be lots of good Jiu-Jitsu next year!

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