Grandfather Ruas would still agree to farewell match with Rickson

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Marco Ruas is 49 years old, doing well for himself in life, has been seen near Paris Hilton in Rio, and doesn’t want to hear about making money in the MMA profession. He would, however, make an exception for a matchup that would rattle the sport’s foundations in Brazil.

Ruas is featured on Brazil’s Sensei Sportv TV program this Saturday, where he affirms: “I’ll never train fighters again.”

On the program the champion of UFC 7 recalls, explains and laments the split-up that took place in Team Ruas Vale-Tudo.

It’s old news, but one that still draws attention, from the look of it. Aloisio Dado, Pedro Rizzo and other stalwart fighters polished by Marco Ruas give their versions on what happened to make the team leader give up on training professional fighters.

Renato Babalu, Alexandre Cacareco, brothers Aloisio Dado and Alexandre Baixinho, and Gustavo Ximu switched teams, and RVT lost valuable and numerous members of its cast.

Pedro Rizzo stuck firm with the team, explained his position and evaluated his former partners’ stance: “Each individual has his own take on what is right or wrong, and they did what they felt was right and good for them on that occasion.” Marco Ruas reveals that his greatest professional dream these days is to see Rizzo back in the UFC.

Ruas also stated that he will never again fight for money or a belt. But he would make an exception for Rickson Gracie: “I don’t have what it takes to fight for a belt anymore, but one farewell fight against Rickson Gracie I’d do, to put all the talk to rest once and for all,” says Ruas in provocation, now 49 years old and just having become a grandfather.

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