Featuring Buchecha, Xande Ribeiro and six more BJJ stars, IBJJF will broadcast the Pro League GP for free this Saturday

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It’s a week of much celebration for us, fighting fans and practitioners, as we will witness one UFC event per day from tomorrow until Saturday, when the 200th edition of the tournament will be held. And Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu will take a ride into this bus, with IBJJF putting 50k USD in the line and gathering an impressive card, led by Marcus Buchecha and Xande Ribeiro. The event will happen within the UFC Fan Expo and will be broadcast for free via Facebook starting 11am PST this Saturday, June 9.


  • Marcus Buchecha vs Bruno Bastos
  • Felipe Pena vs Joao Gabriel

And, in the other side:

  • Xande Ribeiro vs Mahamed Ali
  • Leonardo Nogueira vs Alexandro Ceconi

“”History will be written this Saturday,” says Xande Ribeiro. “Not only because the prize is fair but because it will be a clash of generations. I will throw 25 years of BJJ against guys who were wearing diapers when I was already in a school exchanging open hand slaps. Now let’s burn the bridges and aim only the future. Titles and captions no longer will matter when the referee starts the combat, it will be time to unleash our spirit and to attack at all times, showing to the world whose Jiu-Jitsu is really the best.”

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