Exclusive: ADCC 2021 will have two trial events in Brazil in Feb.

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Galvão with his belt from ADCC 2019’s superfight against Preguiça. Jair Lacerda/Sinistro Photo Film

For fighters currently in quarantine, some optimistic forecasts are starting to pop up in the BJJ world. One involves ADCC 2021.

The world’s biggest grappling event is set to take place in Las Vegas in the second semester.

The trials that determine which fighters get to compete — usually held in some of the biggest grappling centers in Asia, Europe, the U.S. and Brazil — must take place before that, and the schedule has begun taking shape.

The first set of trials in the U.S. is planned to take place this year. Graciemag has heard from sources close to the event that we will have trials in Brazil in February 2021. In 2019, only one trial event was held in Brazil. Next year, though, two capitals will host the trials: Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo.

In prior years, the São Paulo trials took place before the Rio ones. This will change this time around, with the Rio trials coming first, making the São Paulo competition the final chance for Brazilian fighters to secure a spot in one of the seven weight divisions — 66kg, 77kg, 88kg, 99kg and over 99kg for men, plus under and over 60kg for women.

Only the first-place finishers at the trials get to secure a spot in the ADCC Worlds. The other participants are handpicked by the organization.

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