Copa Podio full results: Lo, Gracie & Silverio top lightweight GP podium

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Leandro Lo defeats Gregor Gracie in the finals for the trophy. Photo: Gustavo Aragao

Leandro Lo defeats Gregor Gracie in the finals for the trophy. Photo: Gustavo Aragao

The third edition of the Copa Podio Lightweight Grand Prix held at the Botafogo Gymnasium in Rio de Janeiro ran for five hours on Saturday, May 10.

The event featured two special matches, a submission-only no time limit city challenge, one no-gi challenge and a full grand prix with two teams of ten athletes.

To determine the winner of the grand prix, two teams of five competitors each fought one another within their own team in six-minute matches. Whoever gains the most points fights the second place athlete of the other team. Points are determined as such: A win by submission is 4 points, a win by points/advantages is 3 points, a draw is 1 point and a defeat is 0 points.

Here is how the matches went down:


Tanner Rice defeats Alexandre Vieira via armbar after securing 9-0 points.
Lucas Hulk defeats Patrick Gaudio via 2-0 points in a match largely determined by stalling while standing and in 50/50.


Abraham Marte of Santo Domingo defeats Ottaviano “La Maquina” of Buenos Aires via cross choke from mount in under five minutes.


Danny Castillo of USA defeats Haider Rasheed of Jordan via arm triangle choke from mount after securing 8 points to Haider’s 2 points.


Marcio Andre of Brazil and Gianni Grippo of USA both earn two advantages for a draw.
Victor Silverio of Brazil and Fernando Vieira of Brazil both earn one penalty from stalling for a draw.
Fernando Vieira defeats Marcio Andre via 6-2 points in a sweep battle.
Gilbert Durinho of Brazil defeats Gianni Grippo via armbar submission after 5-0 points from a takedown and guard pass.
Gilbert Durinho defeats Fernando Vieira via 2-0 points from a takedown.
Victor Silverio defeats Marcio Andre via quick submission after a pass straight to the back.
Gilbert Durinho defeats Victor Silverio via 2-0 points from a sweep.
Gianni Grippo and Fernando Vieira both earn two points and two advantages for a draw.
Victor Silverio and Gianni Grippo earn two points for a draw.
Gilbert Durinho defeats Marcio Andre via toehold submission.


1 Gilbert Durinho – 14 points
2 Victor Silverio – 6 points
3 Fernando Vieira – 5 points
4 Gianni Grippo – 3 points
5 Marcio Andre – 1 point


Luca Anacoreta of Italy defeats Simone Franceschini of Italy via 5-0 from sweep and guard pass.
Leandro Lo of Brazil defeats Hamzeh Rasheed of Jordan via armbar after 4-0 points.
Simone Franceschini defeats Hamzeh Rasheed via disqualification by knee reap.
Gregor Gracie of Brazil defeats Luca Anacoreta via 4-2 points, 3-0 advantages.
Gregor Gracie defeats Hamzeh Rasheed via choke from the back.
Leandro Lo defeats Simone Franceschini via cross choke from half guard.
Leandro Lo defeats Gregor Gracie via 8-2 points and 2-0 advantages.
Luca Anacoreta defeats Hamzeh Rasheed via disqualification by fleeing a submission, locked triangle.
Leandro Lo defeats Luca Anacoreta via forfeit due to injury.
Gregor Gracie defeats Simone Franceschini via 4-2 points.


1 Leandro Lo – 14 points
2 Gregor Gracie – 10 points
3 Luca Anacoreta – 6 points
4 Simone Franceschini – 3 points
5 Hamzeh Rasheed – 0 points


Leandro Lo defeats Victor Silverio via 8-0 points with a sweep and two guard passes.
Gregor Gracie defeats Gilbert Durinho via 4-2 with two takedowns over Durinho’s sweep.


Victor Silverio defeats Gilbert Durinho via advantage with 2-2 advantages and 1-2 penalties.


Leandro Lo defeats Gregor Gracie via 5-0 points with a sweep and a guard pass.

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