Beição rules supreme at WOCS GP

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Beição kicks Xuxa in GP final.

WOCS brought excitement galore along with its eleventh installment to Campo Grande, Brazil, featuring a welterweight GP and six superfights.

In the first stage of the GP, muay thai specialists Luis Beição and Tico Pedroso had a tough first round, but Beição was in advantage from the get-go, landing a takedown in the first round. The Nova União then went on to secure a second takedown and mounted position, taking the unanimous decision once the two rounds of the first GP fight were up.

Beição against Tico Pedroso

At the other end of the bracket, Mauro Xuxa showed his Jiu-Jitsu was up to speed, finishing with an armbar from the guard after just 1:29 minutes in the first round of his fight with André Chatuba.

Xuxa submits Chatuba

In the GP decider Beição was dominant against Xuxa, landing stinging kicks to the thigh, takedowns, and working well on the ground. In the break between the second and third rounds Xuxa puller out for the confrontation due to a broken hand.

Good Jiu-Jitsu was on display in some of the other fights. Willian Viana put away Luiz da Silva with an armbar after having secured a takedown and mounted position. The submission hold arose at 4:15 minutes of the first round. Willian’s teammate Fábio Larvinha sunk an armbar agaisnt José also in the first round.

Willian sinks an armbar for the finish.

In a strike-filled affair, Wand Lopes beat Clayton Alves via desistance. Now Marcio Ceará brought an end to a lively bout with Ivan Freitas via rear naked choke. Sergio Freitas was doing well in the striking department, but it was with an americana lock that he won his bought with Bruno Schwartz. Lastly, Nilson Pulgatti used takedowns and a strong grond game to win a unanimous decision over Davi Sutil, in an evenly-matched affair.

Check out the results:

Campo Grande, Mato Grosso, Brazil
April 29, 2011

Under 77 kg GP

Luis Beição (Nova União) defeated Tico Pedroso (World Strong) via unanimous decision
Mauro Xuxa (check Matt) submitted André Chatuba (Relma / Minotauro) via armbar at 1:29 min of
GP final – Luis Beição defeated Mauro Xuxa vietween rounds 2 and 3


William Viana (TFT) submitted Luizinho da Silva (Gracie BarraMS) via armbar at 4:15 min of R1

62 kilos

Fábio Larvinha (TFT) submitted José Elias (GB MS) via armbar at 4:12 min of R1

77 kilos

Marcio “Ceará” Rodrigues submitted Ivan freitas (TFT) via rear naked choke at 1:05min of R2

Wande Lopes (TFT) defeated Clayton Alves (Dojô Fight CG) via desistance at 4:16 min of R2

Over 93 kilos

Sergio Freitas ( Dojô Fight CG) submitted Bruno Schwartz (TFT) via americana lock

77 kilos

Nilson Pulgatti (TFT) defeated Davi Sutil (Freestyle) via unanimous decision

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