Aoki fired by Yuki Nakai

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The Shinya Aoki soap got another episode this week. It all started after the controversial fighter, one of the big stars of Japanese MMA, made obscene gestures with his middle finger to the audience and his opponent, Mizuto Hirota, after finalizing at Dynamite!!, an event that took place on December 31st, in Japan.

Retaliation from the Japanese MMA Federation and the Sngoku event, one of the Dynamite!! organizers in this last edition, were already reported here at Now it was Aoki’s academy’s turn, Paraestra Tokyo, to retaliate.

Through a note released on the team’s site, the masters Yuki Nakai and Taro Wakabayashi informed that Aoki was fired from their staff of instructors. However, this does not mean that the Jiu-Jitsu black belt is expelled from the academy; he only won’t be able to give classes.

The question remains: is this really a severe or average punishment to avoid stronger punishments from the Japanese organizations? Wait for the upcoming episodes.

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