Marcos Cunha talks about going to the USA and expanding the team

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In the south of Brazil, you have an academy and a social project focused on Jiu-Jitsu, both highly praised, works of excellence. What can we expect now with your move to the United States?

My move to the U.S. seeks to expand my team, to build a base to support my athletes, who aspire to compete in major events and this was a difficulty for all of us. Today we have been able to build this base and we have two more branches here in the USA. This way I can generate opportunities for my athletes and my teachers. For next year I aim to open more branches and strengthen my competitive process here.

Regarding your career as a competitor, what were your main achievements and what did you learn from them?

I’ve competed a lot in these 32 years of Jiu-Jitsu, competition is in my blood, I’ve learned over the years that the biggest competition is internal and that this is our biggest opponent. I’ve won Brazilian Nationals, several Opens, I was on the podium at the European Championships and I still have the dream of winning the World Master. Today my main focus is not to compete, but to train my students and help them achieve great results. As we always train together, at one time or another I sign up for a big event to kill the nostalgia (laughs).

What’s the secret to turning an average athlete into a great champion?

I’ve trained many athletes and today I’m with a new crop that are the athletes Bruno Sena, Patrick Possamai, Duda Tozoni, Mila Reis, Carol Fernandes, Jonatas Mogli, among others… The secret to building these good results is to try to understand what the athlete really wants, to have a vision of whether or not he has the conditions and explore what he has best, to create a relationship so that an athlete has confidence in the other athletes in the team. And so be able to extract from them things that even they don’t believe they can do. And lastly is to be passionate about what you do, and I’m passionate about the competitive process and my work.

You’re always training with a great performance against the kids on your team. What are the tricks for the athletes of the Master division to do well against the adult athletes?

Understand that old age is in our head and train without laziness, full of will and willingness. It motivates me and keeps the kids motivated as well.

What’s the motivational phrase you like to repeat to yourself when you’re going through a difficult career situation?

No obstacle came to stop me, but to make me stronger for the new challenges. Nothing is by chance, don’t ever give up!

What is the philosophy behind your school?

Quality in teaching, because we really care about knowing if the student is learning, so that he gets the positive life change and learns all the benefits that sport can give him, on and off the mat.

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