Jackson Filho celebrates victory and aims for more opportunities in MMA

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Jackson won his last fight with dominace. Photo: Personal Archive

Jackson “Samurai” Filho, 32, is shining in MMA in the United States. A few days ago, in August 14th, the Jiu-Jitsu black belt dominated Steve Chang at the United Fight League in every round and won by unanimous decision.

Jackson’s victory over a previously undefeated opponent further enhances his reputation on the competitive MMA scene. The victory came at a crucial time for the fighter, reinforcing his consistency in building a streak of good performances.

“I won a very important victory against an undefeated athlete. I needed to win, my goal now is to build a winning streak,” said Jackson, who has seven wins and only four losses.

Jackson’s dedication to preparation was evident in his performance inside the cage. His routine includes intense training at Fight Ready in Arizona, meticulous nutrition and well-worked rest. Here’s how Jackson feels after having his hand raised.

“I trained hard for this fight, I did everything that was in my control from training, nutrition to recovery practices. I was focused on delivering a great performance. And at that moment I saw that all the hard work had paid off,” he explains.

The Jiu-Jitsu black belt also details the main change he had compared to his last MMA fights. He explains that he has learned to control the pace more.

“I think I improved my patience and my fight IQ, I was able to control the pace well during the fight. You only develop fighting rhythm when you fight. You have to be active to have a fighting rhythm,” says the champion.


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