Acrobatic Jiu-Jitsu

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Can Jiu-Jitsu be basic and at the same time be daring? Can it be elaborate and still be classic? That’s what GRACIEMAG is exploring this month in an intriguing article featuring the brothers Guilherme and Rafael Mendes.

Being the first cover story showcasing the bros, Gui and Rafa went to great lengths to get it just right. They debated with our reporter as to when acrobatic Jiu-Jitsu actually works, and they even bring the reader into the discussion.

What’s more, they teach an array of positions, reversals and submissions providing plenty to talk about. Make sure to get a copy of this issue for your collection but don’t let it sit on the shelf; take it with you to the gym and put the lessons within to practice.

For the FACE TO FACE section, we came up with one of the better interviews of recent years, one rich in teachings for people who train to reap. In a candid conversation about MMA, No-Gi Jiu-Jitsu, training in the gi and much more, the malleable Vinicius “Pezão” Magalhães addresses what direction he wants his career to go from here, since winning his title at ADCC 2011.

In INTRO, meet the tiger Odin and find out what you can learn from him. Furthermore: learn to quench your thirst like a professional, like André Galvão does; the highlights from the 2011 South American Championship; Kelly Slater; the athletes to beat in 2012; and a Ginástica Natural warmup exercise. All that and much more this month.

Another major feature of the current issue is the fighters-of-the-year ranking. Who was the best around without the gi? The most consistent? The revelation? Rush to find out if we got it right?

In TRAINING PROGRAM, world champion Leonardo Nogueira teaches you how to get out from bottom position and wreak havoc on your opponents. If you’re big on the half-guard, you won’t want to miss what the Alliance champ has in store for you.

In Martin Rooney’s column: tricks to working your abs and lower back while gaining strength and equilibrium in training. Perfect for anyone seeking to unlock their true potential.

And the CHOKE MMA supplement this month serves up a profile of Matt Hammill, as well as other UFC standouts.

In ANTHOLOGY, Roger Gracie versus Fabricio Werdum, and the lessons we learn from them while they were still rookies. Derive your own lessons by subscribing to GRACIEMAG here!

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