Fabio Gigantinho, from GB Cedar Park, is calling purple belts!

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“It is with great honor and satisfaction that we invite ‘purple belt’ athletes to be part of a really cool selection process that opens doors for many talents in the gentle art to thrive in life and as fighters,” says Fabio Gigantinho, professor at Gracie Barra Cedar Park in Texas.

A reference in the Kids Program at Gracie Barra, as well as a victorious competitor in major IBJJF tournaments, Gigantinho has been continuously improving in his career as a professor and entrepreneur.

In addition to Gracie Barra Cedar Park, his first school in Texas, the Brazilian now has a school in Round Rock and the new branch in Georgetown. “I want to share all of my experiences with athletes who are in the process of development. Using Jiu-Jitsu as a tool to change lives, that’s my main goal.”

“In addition to learning advanced Jiu-Jitsu, the selected athletes will master the English language and understand how the business world of the gentle art works,” promises the black belt. “These are the main foundations for a successful career.”

“Today we have a group of six Brazilian athletes who are living the dream of working solely and exclusively with Jiu-Jitsu. They came here with a dream, and we have all the necessary structure for them to achieve their goals in life.”

“Ready to live this dream? Send your sports résumé to the email address atleta@gbwilco.com and be part of a championship-winning team on and off the mats!”


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