Bibiano Fernandes reinforces wish to compete in Jiu-Jitsu again

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Bibiano Fernandes with Renzo Gracie, Lucas Pinheiro and Demetrius at your academy, in Canadá. Photo: Arquivo Pessoal

Bibiano Fernandes began a new stage in his life last month when he opened Flash Academy Martials Arts, his new gym in Langley, Canada. On the opening day, Bibiano had the illustrious presence of sporting idols such as Renzo Gracie, Demetrious Johnson and Lucas Pinheiro.

At 43, the “King of Asia” is not only focused on MMA, but also on his career as a businessman and gym manager. Bibiano described the feeling of receiving references from the sport at the inauguration of Flash Academy Martial Arts and highlighted Renzo Gracie’s support.

“Hosting guys like Renzo Gracie, Demetrious Johnson and Lucas Pinheiro was the best experience I’ve ever had because they are the people who inspire me and have shown their love for me. They bought the ticket, they came to help me, so I couldn’t ask for anything better. Especially Renzo Gracie, who is a guy I will love for the rest of my life. He’s a wonderful person and I never believed that our friendship would reach this point. He told me not to worry because he would help me. So I consider him a great friend. Demetrious, on the other hand, is my brother. So I got a lot of love from them,” said Bibiano.

Bibiano hasn’t competed in MMA since November 2022 and has used this time off to develop in the business world. In addition, the manauara reinforced his desire to return to competing in Jiu-Jitsu and said he is focused on growing his fighting school. “I want to compete in BJJ again, but first I need to deal with my situation at One Championship. I haven’t fought for a year and the organization doesn’t offer a fight. I’m waiting to finish this part of my life with One Championship so that I can follow a new path, taking care of my academy, perhaps fighting in the World Masters or other BJJ events. I’m waiting to close this part of my life and turn the page. But I’m already turning the page without waiting for the One Championship,” said Bibiano. Bibiano has built a masterful career in Jiu-Jitsu and won three black belt world titles. Even though he hasn’t competed on the mats for more than a decade, he remains an admirer of the sport and named the athletes he most likes to watch in competition. “I like watching Mica Galvão and Diogo Reis, who are also from Manaus. I also like Gordon Ryan, who is an athlete who is evolving a lot. There’s a new generation that I watch in the championships and I like their forward, finishing style. It’s a style I’ve always liked, I’ve never liked to tie up. Besides, their style is good for MMA too, it’s a game they can adapt to if they move to MMA in the future,” concluded Bibiano Fernandes.

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