UFC continues facing roadblocks in MMA’s French legalization

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Zuffa Chairman Lorenzo Fertitta (left) and UFC President Dana White (right) continue to face hurdles in lobbying for MMA’s legalization in France. Photo credit MMAWeekly.com.

MMA in France is not happening today. Maybe not for a long time.

According to a report by ESPN (U.K.), the French Ministry will continue to uphold their ban on MMA in the country. Citing an unnamed source from the Ministry, the report said the policy has not changed and no events, shows or practices of MMA are permitted on French soil.

In addition to the Ministry’s stance, Carole Brettville, Women’s Committee for Federation Francaise du Sport d’Entreprise President, told the outlet that she was flabbergasted that the UFC was lobbying to get the sport legalized in the country.

“I was appalled to find out how UFC was lobbying in France, especially when [told] how UFC has tolerated derogatory statements and attitudes against women,” she said. “We cannot allow such an organization to destroy all the work we have done to promote equality through French sports.”

Zuffa chairman Lorenzo Fertitta has made numerous recent trips to France in an effort to lobby for MMA’s legalization there, as well as making stops in surrounding territories.

UFC officials didn’t immediately reply to emails asking for comment regarding the French ban.

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  1. Hoareau Nicolas at 5:59 am

    They do mma in France…There are a lot of so called "mma academy" and there are a lot of competition trying to cheat " Golden belts, Pancrace, IOFC"…
    But before doing something for MMA they'd better help JiuJitsu to spread instead of putting spokes in our wheel!

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