Ralek Gracie strips Sakuraba’s “title”

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Ralek Gracie in photo by Susumo Nagao

Known as the “Gracie Hunter”, for having beaten four members of Jiu-Jitsu’s royal family, Kazushi Sakuraba might need a new nickname. In 2007, the Japanese idol lost a rematch with Royce. At this Saturday’s Dream 14 event in Japan, it was Ralek Gracie’s turn to avenge his family members.

Ralek didn’t wilt at Sakuraba’s menacing kimura attempt and came close to sinking a fully extended armbar (see video below with some highlights from the fight). When all was said and done, Gracie took the win via unanimous decision.

There was more that went on last night, though. Strikeforce champion Nick Diaz submitted Hayato Sakurai via armbar. Another of the evening’s much-anticipated bouts saw Hiroyuki Takaya knock out Joachim Hansen.

Check out the results.

Dream 14
Saitama, Japan

May 29, 2010

Nick Diaz submitted Hayato Sakurai via armbar in R1

Ralek Gracie defeated Kazushi Sakuraba via unanimous decision

Hiroyuki Takaya defeated Joachim Hansen via KO in R1

Kid Yamamoto defeated “Kiko” Lopez via KO in R1

Akiyo Nishiura defeated Hideo Tokoro via TKO in R1

Kazuyuki Miyata defeated Takafumi Otsuka via split decision

Kenji Osawa defeated Yoshiro Maeda via split decision

Ikuhisa Minowa submitted Imani Lee via rear-naked choke in R1

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  1. Jordan Burton, III at 3:17 am

    (Ralek) Sakaraba was/is a Catch-as-Catch-Can wrestler. I’m sure he’s cross trained and studied the guard; but, his submissions – notably his double wrist lock – and wrestling ability ties directly back to the Englishmen of Wigan … Billy Riley in particular.

  2. mike at 6:25 pm

    Actually it’s Billy Robinson who trained Saku in Catch. As for the stripping Sakuraba of hits Gracie Hunter title. RAlek would have had to have beaten Saku atleast 6 years earlier. Or at the very least finish the 41 year old Sakuraba as Saku did Royler, Royce and Renzo.

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