Silver medalist in 2019, Vinicius wants to win ADCC this time

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Vinicius Trator at ADCC 2019. Photo: BoroJitsu

Vinicius Gazola, also known as Trator, is a Jiu-Jitsu black belt from Fábio Gurgel and one of the last big revelations of the Alliance Team in the black belt. Today, resident in New York, the São Paulo guy trains at Marcelo Garcia’s academy, alongside Matheus Diniz, Ruan Alvarenga and other talents.

At 25 years old, Vinicius has a huge competition baggage and many important titles in the sports elite.

In IBJJF, biggest organization of the competitive Jiu-Jitsu, he has the gold medal at No Gi Worlds , No Gi Pan Ams , Brazilian Nationals and No Gi Brazilian Nationals.

In ADCC, he has one silver medal, achieved in his first participation at the arab event. Trator, in 2019, had a very good campaign in the grappling event.

Now, with a stronger engine, he wants to show why he will upset anyone in the -99kg division.

” On the last edition, I got a last minute call. Now, I was able to prepare myself better and I was more focused on improving certain points of my grappling game, passing and playing guard, defending foot attacks, and also learn how to attack as well. This was an obstacle 3 years ago, now it’s not anymore ( laughs ). My strength and conditioning training also was very different this time, I’m a new grappling fighter now. My division is very tough, high technical level and I believe it’s one of the toughest divisions”, Trator’s analysis.

Trator made his training sessions for ADCC between Marcelo Garcia’s academy and Fight Sports, im Miami, with Roberto Cyborg Abreu and company.

” I made my training camp at this two academies, but it came to me finishing all my training here, in Florida.I believe that I evolved so much my grappling and the passing game, it was 2 points which I gave so much attention during my preparation. I’m ready to fight for the most desired medal in the grappling”, tells him.

In preparation for ADCC, Vinicius competed at No Gi Jiu-Jitsu Con and won all his matches in the super heavy division.

” I competed at Jiu Jitsu Con to test some things that I had been working in the training camp and I was able to apply many positions. It was an amazing experience, I competed against good athletes, and this maked me so excited to compete next week “, says the champion.


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