See who came back with gold from the ADGS Miami tournament

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On this Sunday, September 17th, the second and last day of the Abu Dhabi World Tour Miami delivered on the promise of high-octane action. With the professional athletes taking point at the Watsco Center, fight fans were gifted with memorable battles and awe-inspiring displays of technique.

Whether it was the men’s black belt or the women’s brown/black belt category, there was never a dull moment as top-tiered athletes stepped up to the mats and put their skills to the test for the ADGS Miami gold. Check out how each final played out, and for the full results, click here.


56kg: Kalel Santos vs. Welison Fernandes

An exciting victory for Kalel Santos in the 56kg division. In the division final, Kalel started behind on the scoreboard after Welison Fernandes went up following the double pull. After a double penalty for lack of combativeness, which put the match at 2-1 for Welison, Kalel attempted an Omoplata lock, but his opponent managed to avoid the submission. Kalel then went for the single-leg, attempted a takedown, and ended up reaching the opponent’s back, but with no points to show for it. By the end of the match, Welison had a partial victory declared, but the referees analyzed Kalel’s final moves through the Falcon Eye and awarded him one point for the attack. Having scored last, Kalel took the gold with a 2-2 sscore.

62kg: Andrew Santos vs. Yuri Hendrex

Yuri started ahead on the scoreboard by rising after the double pull, working on the double under, and then diving to attack on the foot. Andrew then managed to sweep Yuri with a solid grip on the lapel, seizing the lead by 2-1. Below his opponent, Yuri tried to attack with a leglock, but Andrew found enough room to try a dangerous kata-gatame, maintaining the score and taking home the 62kg division gold.

69kg: João Mendes vs. Israel Almeida

In a duel between Atos teammates, Israel and João went all out to take the title. João pulled first and went up scoring 2-0. Israel stabilized himself below, threw his opponent off balance, and went up to tie the score, but João quickly countered and put the scoreboard at 4-2, taking the top of the 69kg division podium.

77kg: Natan Chueng vs. Vinicius Paoli

A breathtaking match between Natan and Vinicius. From the get-go, Natan quickly pulled guard and Vinicius responded by going all out with his guard pass attempts. By attacking both sides of Natan’s guard, Vinicius eventually found enough room to almost pass and went straight for the opponent’s back without sinking the hooks in, landing only two points for the transition. Still above, Vinicius maintained his attack on Natan’s guard, but the latter waited for the right moment to counter-attack, tightly gripping Vinicius’ pants and going up to tie the score at 2-2. With their roles reversed, Natan was now the one attacking Vinicius’ guard and he kept his opponent under high pressure until the end of the match. With the scoreboard settled at 2-2, Natan seized the 77kg division title by scoring last.

85kg: Jose Carvalho vs. Luiz Paulo

A balanced fight between Luiz and José in the 85kg division. The beginning of the match saw both athletes going toe-to-toe while standing up, but Luiz ended up behind on the scoreboard after receiving a penalty for spinning to avoid combat. Luiz then amped up his attacks, pulling guard and attempting to sweep. Ahead on the scoreboard, Jose focused on neutralizing Luiz and took the victory by 1-0.

94kg: Fellipe Andrew vs. Adam Wardzinski

In a duel between old acquaintances from the mats, minds collided as Fellipe and Adam faced each other in the 94kg division final. With plenty of knowledge about each other’s fighting styles, Fellipe pulled first to safely land his mermaid sweep. The move led both athletes to break apart from one another, with Fellipe going up after the double pull, putting the score at 3-0. Even though he received a penalty for an irregular grip on the pants, Fellipe still had the advantage by the time the clock ran out, taking the win by 3-1.

120kg: Roosevelt Sousa vs. Pedro Pimenta

Last year’s champion, the Miami-based Brazilian Roosevelt Sousa won another gold medal at the AJP. In his duel against Pedro “Bombom” Pimenta, Roosevelt attempted his tight foot submission in the first moments of the match, but Pedro responded by going up and landing two points. Roosevelt landed a grip on the opponent’s pants and went up, almost taking the back. With the score tied at 2-2, Roosevelt used his guard to avoid Pedro’s advances in the final seconds of the match. Having scored last, Roosevelt successfully defended his title in Miami.


49kg: Maria Ono vs. Brenda Larissa

Maria Eduarda Tozoni Ono, also known as Duda Tozoni, took the top of the podium in Miami. Facing her rival Brenda Larissa at the 49kg division final, Duda took the lead on the scoreboard by pulling guard and then quickly going up. After the action slowed down and both athletes received a penalty, Brenda positioned herself and swept to tie the score at 3-3. She then unleashed a barrage of attacks on Duda’s guard, with the latter releasing her grips, attacking with a triangle, and then shifting to an armbar attempt. At the end of the match, the referees used the Falcon Eye to analyze Duda’s attack and awarded her another point, tipping the scales in her favor and landing her the gold.

55kg: Beatriz Campos vs. Thaynara Victoria

Beatriz Campos made quick work of the 55kg division final. After the double pull, Thaynara went up and put the scoreboard at 1-0. Beatriz stabilized herself, readied a triangle, and went up with an armbar, submitting her opponent and taking the title.

62kg: Julia Alves vs. Larissa Santos

ADGS Miami defending champ Julia Alves was all about fast attacks in the 62kg division. In her fight against Larissa Martins, who took the lead by 1-0 after going up from the double pull, Julia locked her lasso guard and quickly raised her hip, going for the triangle. Larissa avoided the attack but left her arm out in the open, prompting Julia to end the match with an armbar.

70kg: Ingridd Sousa vs. Izadora Silva

Ingridd made quick work of Izadora in the 70kg final. As soon as she went up from the double pull, Izadora saw her foot come under attack, with Ingridd adjusting the position and forcing her opponent to tap out in the first minute of the duel.

95kg: Giovanna Jara vs. Kauane da Silva

Giovanna showcased her dominance in the 95kg division with an explosive final round. Against Kauane da Silva, who pulled guard early on, Giovanna went up with all her might to mount. When Kauane spun to defend herself, Giovanna grabbed her opponent’s collar and landed a bow-and-arrow choke, taking the title in Miami.

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